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Certificate Translation

A certificate of compliance is a document that confirms the compliance of a product to specific safety and quality standards.

Translated certificates are required for the customs clearance of imported goods, as well as for the submission of documents for the certification of imported products.

Xerox Easy Translator Service provides high-quality translations for your certificates in record time and at an affordable price. We employ highly-qualified professionals with rich and varied experience translating texts of various complexity, so they know everything there is to know about working with documents. Just place an order and quickly get a translation of the highest quality.

Translation of Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of compliance are a special form that contain information about the product, manufacturer and certification body. This document also contains information about the reasons for certification together with a list of requirements to the product. To this extent the certificate translation must be an accurate and complete equivalent of the original document in the target language. In addition, the layout of the translated document must fully correspond to the layout of the original document, including the location of seals, tables and other elements.

Italian and German are the most popular languages for the translation of certificates into English. We also often translate documents from Spanish into English.

Cost of Certificate Translation

You can find out the exact cost of translation in your personal account after uploading the document. Professional translation is the most appropriate for certificates, because with this service level the following 3 professionals will work on your document: translator, editor and proofreader. This approach guarantees the highest translation quality and flawless use of terminology.

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