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English to Chinese Translation

It is obvious that it is very difficult to translate to Traditional Chinese, as it is one of the most complex of all the Eastern languages. Translators are confident that this is due to the wholly unique features of the Chinese language. In addition, there are a huge number of hieroglyphic symbols that can be inscribed in different ways depending on the particular dialect. The reforms passed in China aimed at simplifying Chinese have also made the translator's task even more complex.

Traditional Chinese includes a complete set of hieroglyphic symbols, each of which represents a word, and these symbols have traditional inscriptions. In fact, this was the original language itself prior to the reforms aimed at its simplification. Chinese is one of the most ancient languages that is still in use in modern times. Today, Traditional Chinese is most prevalent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, as well as in several foreign countries. But in China, people mostly use the simplified version of Chinese. Traditional and Simplified Chinese differ so dramatically that in a lot of cases you simply cannot manage without a translator or an interpreter.

In addition, various dialects and transcription systems that differ from each other can also complicate language professional's tasks. As of today, Pinyin is used as a system for the romanization of Chinese words using the Latin alphabet.

When you translate from English to Chinese, you have to remember that traditional Chinese text is written and read from top to bottom, but text is arranged from right to left. Compounding, conversion and affixation are used to form new words.

A Few Words About English to Chinese Translation

There are more than 80,000 hieroglyphic symbols in traditional Chinese. Nevertheless, most of the symbols are no longer used and can only be found in ancient literature. A literate person in China is considered anyone who knows no less than one thousand five hundred of these symbols. This knowledge is sufficient to perform simple translations from/into Chinese, as well as read inscriptions on tablets and small texts. If you want to freely read newspapers and magazines then you need about 3 thousand hieroglyphic symbols.

We employ several dozen translators who are native speakers of Traditional Chinese. We therefore guarantee the highest quality of English to Chinese translation for your documents. Sign up on our website to upload a document and get an instant and accurate calculation of translation costs to Traditional Chinese.

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