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French to English and English to French Translation

French translation is the fourth most popular service among our translation agency's clients. We can handle any type of translation from French, for example construction, purchase and sale of real estate, and tax legislation texts. This list includes the most common commercial translations from French to English that our agency handles. But in addition to French real estate, French culture is also in demand. According to an analysis of translation orders from French into English, we found that French culture is the most popular topic among our clients. We likewise noticed a profound interest in French language, history, literature, architecture and philosophy. This statement can be supported by the numerous artistic and literary French translations our agency handles.

Technical translations from French to English are not as numerous as those from Spanish and German. However, descriptions of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, building materials, printing machinery, and equipment for the food processing and rolled metal industry usually come from France.

Competent translators and linguists are well aware that you must strictly follow the structure and word order in sentences when working with French texts. As is well known, the rules of English allow speakers to freely rearrange their words and phrases, and this is most often used deliberately in order to emphasize certain specific details. A similar phenomenon exists in other languages as well. But if you are working with French, you will not be able to express your feelings and emotions by simply rearranging the words. Despite the fact that in general this language is quite simple in terms of its study or translation, you must comply with strict grammatical, lexical and syntactic rules.

Our linguists are always ready to provide professional technical translations from English to French that involve the use of industry-specific terminology. We ensure the accuracy and correctness of each word, thus facilitating a mutual understanding with foreign partners and contributing to more successful business relations. We offer professional technical translation from/into French.
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