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Marketing Translation

When Kentucky Fried Chicken first entered the Chinese market, they used the original "Finger-lickin' good" slogan. But when that got translated literally into Chinese, the slogan sounded something like "Bite your fingers off."

When you translate marketing material, it is very important to not only understand the message and translate the text, but to also have a good understanding of the target audience, including their habits, mentality and, most importantly, their language. Otherwise, what improves sales in one country might turn your company into a laughing stock in another. There are entire books devoted to cases where companies failed to bring their products to new markets simply because of poorly localized texts and slogans. You can avoid similar gaffes with the support of our company. Your marketing materials will all pass through the following steps:

  • localization
  • translation
  • editing
  • rewriting
  • proofreading

We pay particular attention to the rewriting stage, and to make sure things run smoothly we only involve creative copywriters and marketers who are native speakers. These professionals are the only ones who can understand every little nuance in the text, as well as add local flavor and natural idioms and make marketing translation perfect. They also know perfectly specific terminology which is required for a market research translation.

Types of Marketing Materials

We can handle translation of any kind of printed or electronic marketing materials, including booklets, brochures, presentations, market research and PR materials.

Design and Formatting

We have our own in-house formatting department, and we handle any formats with ease, including dwg, vsd and indd, enabling you to receive the final translation as a properly formatted document. Even if you only have a PDF file, we can easily restore the original layout.

Cost of Marketing Materials Translation

We recommend ordering the Expert translation service because it includes translation, editing and proofreading by a native speaker, as well as a final check of the text by marketing professionals representing your target market.

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