Medical Translation

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Medical Translation

Do you produce medical equipment or develop drugs? Are you a representative of a pharmaceutical company? Do you provide services in the healthcare field? Does your medical clinic have international connections?

If so, then you know very well how important it is to get 100 % accurate translations of medical records or medical texts from/into English and other languages!

What is unique to the medical document translation? The important thing to remember here is that translation accuracy for these texts affects not only profits, but also the health and quality of life of other people. In addition, medical terminology is so highly specific that it cannot be assigned to those lacking the relevant experience. Xerox® Easy Translator Service guarantees that if you place an order with us, you will get the best translation possible.

Why Xerox® Easy Translator Service?

We can translate any type of medical document:

  • Description and results of clinical trials of medications.
  • Registration documents for equipment and medications.
  • Licences for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical products.
  • Quality certificates and certificates of compliance for equipment and medications.
  • Websites for companies specializing in medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and the production of medical equipment.
  • Scientific and popular scientific literature on medicine.
  • Medical reports and certificates issued by any type of professional.
  • Directions for use for any equipment and medications.
  • Patient medical records.

We also translate other kinds of medical documents. If this list does not include what you need then you can simply provide your contact details by registering on the service. We are confident that our experts will be able to help with any order and ensure the highest quality results.

Exceptionally high quality for medical documents translation:

  • Your document will be handled by experts with extensive medical translation experience.
  • Optimal translation quality is ensured by a three-step translation process: translation, editing and proofreading.
  • In addition, our proprietary software solutions will help you avoid mistakes when translating equivalent terms.
  • All our translations comply with ISO 9001-2001 (9001:2008) quality management system requirements.

The highest quality services focused on your individual needs. We always do everything we can to make it both maximally beneficial and comfortable to work with us.

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