Professional Online Translation into Foreign Languages

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Professional Online Translation into Foreign Languages

Xerox Easy Translator Service provides instant machine translation of various texts into foreign languages and also gives you the option of placing an order for a professional translation. When your document is ready, you can download it from your personal account on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) or send it directly to your multi-functional printer. Unlike other online machine translation services, Xerox Easy Translator Service employs experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language.

How does Xerox Easy Translator Service Work?

When you send us a file to translate, one of our translators begins to work on it immediately. In addition, there is always an editor involved in the process along with the translator. Editors correct translated segments based on the style and grammatical rules of the target language.

Translated documents are available in the customer's personal account and are also sent to the customer as an email attachment. If you have any comments or questions about the translation, you can always send them via the feedback form.

To get a quick online translation all you need to do is log in, upload a document, get an instant calculation of the cost and pay by credit card or through PayPal. Please note that your documents don't necessarily have to be in an editable format: we also accept images, scanned documents and PDF files. We use the most advanced software to perform optical character recognition and make your documents editable, so the translated document will always have the identical layout and alignment as the original.

We believe that in most cases you need translations into a foreign language made by a native speaker of the target language. Employing native speakers allows us to guarantee the full stylistic and lexical accuracy of the translated text.

How Fast Can I Get My Online Translation?

The deadline for your order depends on the size of your document and the quality level needed. Machine translations are ready to download as soon as you upload a document. If you need an Express translation, your document will be translated at a rate of about 20 standard pages per day. The average professional online translation speed is approximately 10 pages per day. Expert translation is a multi-step process involving translators, editors, proofreaders and industry experts or professional copywriters. Expert translation therefore take extra time, but it guarantees the highest quality possible. The average translation speed for this type is approximately 5 pages per day.

Translation of Large Texts

Xerox Easy Translator Service online service is designed to translate texts of any size. We employ 50,000 professional translators and can work with 44 languages. We are proud to offer clients the following services:

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