Technical Translation

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Technical Translation

When translating technical texts we focus particularly hard on the terminology to maintain accuracy, consistency and compliance with industry standards in the target country.

Xerox® Easy Translator Service assigns a dedicated manager to each and every project who can find you highly skilled linguists with years of experience translating various documents for your target industry. If necessary, we can also engage consultants who are experts in certain fields, such as engineering, construction, electrical engineering, extraction and processing of oil and gas, etc.

We work with over 44 languages and provide technical translations of the highest quality.

You have several different translation options to choose from depending on the order volume, deadlines and budget. But one thing always remains the same: we are committed to providing quality translations according to individual customer needs.

We provide professional technical translations, which are different from other types of translation because of the presence of technical and scientific terms, specific abbreviations and acronyms, etc. Technical translation is therefore a complex and time consuming task that requires highly qualified technical translators.
If you are part of a technical industry and/or cooperate with foreign investors, partners, buyers and customers, then you often need to translate technical texts. But not every person with a relevant degree is able to independently translate a technical document. That is why we recommend you use the services of professional technical translators who are experts at foreign languages and your target industry at the same time.
Our experts can help you prepare for important events or simply keep you from losing face in front of business partners from abroad.

Technical Translation Includes the Following Steps:

  • Negotiating translation requirements. If you do not have your own glossary, we will prepare it for you to ensure strict adherence to the approved terminology in your company.
  • Placing an order for technical translation. You can place an order in your personal account on the Xerox® Easy Translator Service portal.
  • Creating a specialized project team (translator, editor, proofreader) for each order. This approach allows us to quickly and accurately complete projects of any complexity.
  • Your documents are always translated by experts who have extensive experience in that specific industry.

We have our own in-house formatting technical translators department, and we handle any formats with ease, including dwg, vsd and indd, enabling you to receive the final translation as a properly formatted document. Even if you only have a PDF file, we can easily restore the original layout.

You always get the best offer on the market thanks to our high-tech approach.

Here are Some of Our Specialties:

  • Aviation and space exploration
  • Automobile production
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Engineering
  • Medicine and pharmaceutics
  • Medical equipment
  • Metallurgy and metalworking
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Defense industry
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Textile and food industry
  • Energy sector

Cost of Technical Translation

If you need high-quality translations for internal use then we recommend you order the Professional level of translation for your technical texts. The Expert level will also work for translations of documents with a high degree of business/legal/or industry-specific importance (e.g., patents, marketing presentations).

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